Sometimes people get confused about how Help-U-Sell works... We are not a "do-it-yourself" real estate company.  We do everything ordinary, "full fee", agents work... and probably more.

We just do it for a low set fee.

This 60 second video will explain how you will keep much more of your equity, without giving
up any expertise or services, as a result of using Help-U-Sell.  I encourage you to watch it right away.

You can see how much you can save by clicking this link.

To help you see how the marketing will work, I have attached a few photo tours we customize for each property. I will also be creating a YouTube video to use in the marketing of your home.

Note how nice, even the lowest priced, unsexy homes look when properly photographed and
presented by a professional photographer specializing in selling homes.

In addition to these links, your home will be featured on Help-U-Sell, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS),, Trulia, Zillow, 125 newspaper classified ads and dozens other real estate websites.

Here is a link to my Zillow reviews.

Here is a link to my Trulia reviews.

In December 2015, we were honored with the cover of Top Agent Magazine out of about 200,000 agents... Click here to see the write up.

I would love to review values and marketing strategies to get you top dollar for your home how to save thousands on commissions without giving up expertise or service.

We hope that if you are considering buying or selling a home, that you will at least consider us.